The Problem

Every year, several hundred thousand amputations are reported due to injury, infection, and disease. In developed nations, the cost of a prosthetic is borne primarily by insurance and government organizations and can easily cost over fifty thousand dollars.

In developing nations this kind of expenditure is not an option. Amputation is always a difficult experience, but when it occurs in the life of a child, the loss of a limb can change both the physical and emotional development of the patient – with repercussions that last a lifetime.

Our Mission

Nonspec is committed to designing, developing, and delivering, a low cost and durable prosthetic for developing nations.

Our prosthetic device is based on a novel design which significantly reduce the manufacturing cost, enabling mass production. Our skeleton is designed with interchangeable “off the shelf” components that can be assembled into a prosthetic that is the size our patient needs.  The ability for the device to grow increases its usable life from 6-8 months to up to 4 years in pediatric cases, further decreasing the burden on families.


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Recent Work